Bull Sale


we were back in Red Bluff Saturday for the Bull and Gelding sale at the Fairgrounds. We usually go up anyway but this year we had a purpose- more than just getting a jumbo corn dog! :) 

Aunt Kat and I started the morning in the beer tent for a good Bloody Mary. Yum.  


the kids were checking out the bull barns. There were some BIG bulls! Oliver was literally auctioneering as he described them to the girls "there's a Charlois - going for 50, 50, 50, 60, 100..."


we checked out all the cool ranch vendors too. Chutes and fencing and hot shots!



we weren't going to buy any bulls yet - still trying to figure out what breeds and our set up - but we got lots of good intel from Uncle Donald, helps to have a cattle rancher in the business!


Arriving at the fairgrounds

COWS! Tiny's favorite

this kid is hilarious! OD.

corn dog time. my favorite.

Aunt Kat and Lauren (somebody feed that baby, she's trying to bite into her plastic iphone holder freebie from the trade show tent ;)

Daddy's and daughters