Back to School!

First Day of Kindergarten - just like Mom and Dad on their first days!

It's that time of year! :) We are fully back in the swing of things and have our first "real school"kid in the house. It's going well so far. We walk up to school everyday - Heff has been guilt tripping me into getting my buns out of bed to walk with them :) and the girls are getting themselves dressed and ready, I'm sure the allure might wear off soon! I'm so proud of Francie - big Kindergarten girl now and Maisie is doing a great job solo at PreK.

JJ photobomb - Don't go sis!

Maisie first day back at Preschool - in TK this year!

Big girl! (with a split lip)

Second day of school playground pics

We trying to "Walk or Wheel" to school everyday - so far we are 10 for 12 days walking or biking up to school!

First Friday Assembly - flag salute

And Tiny Tess is getting close to her ONE year birthday! Almost done with her photo of the week project - good thing she is getting tired of laying down on a blanket for photos - takes a lot of distraction!

ByeBye summer - you were a good one!