Tess in SF Magazine!

Tessa is on the cover of San Francisco magazine this month! A friend of Ali's from work needed a baby to do a shoot for SF Magazine and the new "tech generation" and asked if she could submit Tess to the editors. I said yes of course and they asked if she would wear glasses for the shoot. Tess is pretty tolerant as the youngest and I figured they meant reading glasses so she'd look "academic" (I mean geeky) so we sent these pictures to prove it ;)

They had 75 babies submit and they picked Tess and another baby to make sure they got a decent shot, knowing babies are not easy subjects! We went up to SF one morning for a quick shoot (a beautiful sunny day in SF - so rare we shuold have stayed longer!) and poor Tess had like three big scratches on her face - thank god for photoshop!

The shoot was in an apartment near the Marina and of course when I get there they said "ok here are the glasses she needs to wear - they are REALLY expensive though so if she pulls they off we have to catch them." Oh geez.

Reward for her work - playing with toys and grips after the shoot

turns out they got quite a few good pictures to use - she's all over the inside spread too!

Contents section- she and the other baby sharing a tablet (this lasted about 2.2 seconds... the other baby was not pleased with any of this by the time we got there!)

BOOM is right ;)

This was the middle spread but it's the other babe on this page

Checking your email Tiny?

Thanks for a fun shoot and these extra images Brittany, Tess will be your subject anytime!

Nice work Tessa!

what a fun way to commemorate your 1st year and your birthday month. It will be pretty funny to look at these in 20 years with you and say "look at that old, lame technology!"