Date Getaway

Last weekend Heff and I escaped for a night to Napa to try some restaurants and bars. The only even-close-to-glamourous aspect of being restaurant owners! Scrubbing refrigerators and fixing HVACs was how we'd spent Friday so this was a very happy retreat. It was really the first time we'd both left the kids for a fun getaway with just the two of us since we'd had Francie! Thanks to Jannie and Grampa for watching the kids - all four of them!

Ready for Jannie's in cozy clothes - it was a rainy day perfect for couch time and playing inside at Jannie's

First stop on the drive up was Marty's favorite rec, Fremont Diner in Sonoma - food was SO good.

Cocktails at R+D Kitchen after checking out a few other bars, then dinner in Napa near our hotel

while kids are happy and being fed at Jannie and Grampa's - the best! Thanks J&G!

Headed home to the babes! what a fun