Tiny Tess you are ONE YEAR OLD! How did that happen so fast?

We have had a busy year in our family your first year of life and you roll with it and never stop smiling. You and I had a rough few days when you were born but you have a been a strong and healthy, happy and wonderful addition to our family ever since.

We moved into a new house when you were 3 weeks old and you slept in Mom and Dad's room with us until you were 6 months old. You were a pretty good sleeper but woke up more and more often as you neared 4/5 months. Just like your sister JJ you wanted your own room and a quiet, dark space. (who can blame you with loud, noisy, bright days :) I moved you into your own room at 6/7 months and you've slept through the night ever since. You nursed til you were 9 months and then took a bottle no problem.

You love to eat avocado, meat, fruit and any contraband your sisters might have. Your favorite thing in the world is the Green Elixir juice at Bumble - you slurp it up, and usually end up with a green outfit of course.

You crawled at 7/8 months (as you can tell Mom's memory is fuzzy on these exact dates :) and you are just about to walk! You stand up from the ground now and clap with a huge smile and then fall to your bum dramatically.

You cruise around pushing strollers - if you can wiggle out of your sisters arms long enough! You love to follow them around and try to do whatever they are doing.

You are very tolerant of being carted around by the bigs. They would carry you around, precariously perched on their hips all day long if they could. (you've gotten good at the squirm to get down maneuver)

You LOVE your EMMY and go nuts kicking and smiling when you see her. Mom and Dad get the same treatment when we get home from work (the big HUGE open mouth smile and elk sound!) and we all LOVE it.

You are pretty good about sharing the spotlight, your toys and anything in sight - you play the rold of the baby of the family well!

Maisie is your "Big Buddy" and prides herself on looking after you! She feeds you a bottle, changes your diaper and tries her best to wrestle clothes on you.

You have lived up to your nickname and you are the most petite of the Heffernan girls in our family so far. You fall right on the 50% mark on height and weight- just about to break 20 pounds. But you are squirlley and tiny!

You are a super happy, snuggly, lovey baby and we love that you are the TINY in the family!

You love the bath and are usually the last one to get out


We love you!!! xoxo, Mom and Dad