Black Butte Family Photos

last of the Black Butte photos - always gotta have the photo op night!

my favorite shot (MOMMMMM.....)

at least Tess will still give me those smiles!

and then there's cray-cray-JJ

Tricia the hostest with the mostest as always

Jessica tried to get a photo of us amid the big heff family photo set up craziness

the whole gang

Heff boys (so outnumbered)


sweet Maisie Moo

OPA and his babies!

and Oma!

Maggie the resident babyholder

Matriarchs and patriarchs


not sure where our kids were hiding... but we'll take a quiet beer drinkin' moment :)

and after dinner golf course running

pick me up mom

color wheel of cousins

little beauty Clara - looks just like her mom!

Ellie and Kate with some patriotic sisterly love

more dog-pile cousin love

ATTEMPT at a photo of my girls... NOPE.

all lined up!

and what's a family reunion without a kid pyramid!

throw the babies up there

and they all come crashing down