Outstanding in the Field

We went to an "Outstanding in the Field" dinner Marty cooked for at the beach a few weeks ago. It was a blast! My parents had been to a few of them - it's an organization that takes "outstanding chefs in their field" to a dinner out in the middle of a field or on the beach - the chefs use local ingredients and cook out in the field and you sit communal style with a big group. Great wine and a bon fire round out the night - it was a great evening to enjoy some California weather and food!

We borrowed a Sprinter (still my dream car) to haul 10 adults over the hill to the beach - and so we could consume some adult beverages on the way :) It'd been a long time since any of us had enjoyed a little party bus action!

Arrival at the beach! (always 10 degrees colder than you think it will be!)

Date night - with great friends - the best!

This was the view as they prepped us for dinner and introduced Marty - there cooking on behalf of The Alley, which was cool to hear it so official! (and we are sooo lucky to have Marty's amazing talent)

Heff got behind the "kitchen" with Marty to check out the grill - they did a pretty good job feeding 160 people with a makeshift kitchen

This heirloom tomato, mozz and crouton salad was amazing!

Dinner - table for 160!

You bring your own plates to the dinner which makes the table really eclectic and fun!

cheers! and thanks Marty and for our friends for coming along for a great night!