Skater Girls

The girls have turned into little skater girls :) Their new friend Breaker taught Francie and Maisie how to skateboard last Thursday night when we had dinner - I came out in the cul de sac and the girls were crusing from the top of the hill down where the boys would catch them. I almost had a heart attack but they looked like they knew what they were doing!

At the end of the night Breaker GAVE Francie his skateboard to keep. For reals it might have been the best moment of her life to date :)


Francie slept with her skateboard all night and when Emmy came over she opened the door and said "EMMY. A 12 year old boy... named Breaker... GAVE ME his new skateboard." 


and we were the first ones in line at Skateworks in Downtown Los Altos Friday morning for skate helmets - they used their 100 bonus points, hard earned helmets!

Dad and his skater chicks (oh JJ always got to be the joker)

Skating the afternoon away with Dad

CrayCray JJ

and one afternoon we went to the park so they could skate around and around.... Tess and I had time to catch up on the swings

Then Friday they had their first official skate lessons!! Skateworks has a half pipe in the back and gives lessons - all three at the same time!


Maisie taking it seriously - J not so much

Francie looking like a pro

and Tess is happy to watch from the sidelines!

Go skater girls! Now let's hope we don't end up in the ER anytime soon...