A Land of Nod Shoot!

It's no secret I LOVE Land of Nod and everything they do. The catologue is like candy! When we moved into this house - I knew I wanted the girls' rooms and spaces to be bright and cheerful and full of toys that would stand the test of time (as in four little girls who play tough)

Over the past few years, I have stocked the playrooms at PLAY and Bumble with Land of Nod adorableness and I had so much fun picking pieces and accessories to fit our "new" old home with lots of character... and COLOR!

Then one day... my new friends from Land of Nod CAME OVER TO OUR HOUSE! I was so thrilled to met the people behind the genius. I had sent them some photos of my girls' rooms (aka land-of-nod-obsession) and they wrote me back and asked if they could do a feature in "real families || real kids" - ummmm... YES! So we picked two days in April and had so much fun sprucing up the rooms even more and sharing creativity. They added a bunch of touches I never would have thought of and really completed the rooms.

They even raided my closets to pick outfits for everyone- my sister was thankful someone else brought some fashion sense to the table :) It was a really relaxed, easy shoot and we got some family photo opportunities too, pretty rare these days.

First was the girls' bedroom. We wanted the three oldest to share a room as long as they can and it was a perfect fit for three Jenny Lind twin beds and sweet night stands in between. We mixed up the bedding in yellow, teal and purple on each bed and the pink chevron rug brought in our household favorite color ;)

I love all the garlands from Land of Nod but sleeping beneath the stars can't be beat. They added these silver and gold garlands to frame the headboards - and they are all still up today!

(and no they NEVER jump on their beds. ever. yours do? ;)

Sweet Maisie in the middle - I love all of the personal touches on the nightstands - one of my favorite things about Land of Nod is that even all the new stuff feels a little vintage!

Then there is a big, square closet next to the girls' room that wasn't built out for shelves yet and by some miracle we had enough storage for linens etc (since they are always alternating between laundry and the kids beds!) so we turned the closet into a reading nook - something I had always wanted to do. We kept it simple with book shelves along three walls and my FAVORITE hot pink tiny chevron chair from Land of Nod - that and a pouf was all it needed. Janie showing her favorite "lady pose" reading Goodnight Moon while sisters were at school.

through the keyhole - it's a closet? No, it's a reading hideout! (and yes the Q is missing - did you notice? Every quilt has a mistake and our alphabet wall just likes to keep people on their toes)

The playroom was a small "half room" on the side of the house that was just like an attic space I had off my room growing up in an old farm house in Menlo Park that my parents restored (we were lucky this old Craftsman was meticulously restored by the previous owners!) but I knew my girls would love the hideaway feel of the sloped ceiling just like I did. I painted and stenciled one wall with a fun "tribal" stencil and tried to keep the furniture sparce to leave room to play. I picked the colors for the stencil from one of my favorite Land of Nod floral rugs that fit perfectly in the space!



the stencil was a tribal chevron from Cutting Edge Stencils - I was planning the whole wall but quickly realized that was a little aggressive! So a Charlie Brown stripe did the trick :)

Maisie was loving the camera moments - which is usually unlike her!


and there was a "bonus" room off this room that was used for storage but a little chalkboard paint and a pink-on-pink chevron rug turned it into the Secret Clubhouse! We painted the frames in white paint so they don't erase and then the girls can chalk in whatever they want. The stars on the ceiling are paint too - can you tell I am slightly obsessed with sparkly stars and lots of COLOR!?

SO after a few months wait... the July issue is out! It hit the east Coast first and my friend Sherry in Florida texted me these photos before I saw it in person, I was so excited to see us in print!! (full catologue online here soon)

We got to play around the the backyard too - and toured our new Land of Nod friends around The Makery and our businesses downtown Los Altos. It was pretty flattering the most creative people I can think of were loving all the DIY creativeness there too! Hope you guys all come back sometime and thanks for such a fun experience!

Thanks for reading! Love The Heffernans, Mary, Brian, Francie, Maisie, Janie and Tessa.