Red Bluff Fair 2013

We went up to red Bluff the last weekend in September for the FAIR! My favorite weekend of all time :) and for once we didn't have a newborn or pregnant belly in tow :) We stayed at the 4H/FFA auction from 9am to 4pm and bought four hogs to have processed into sausage. We take this "know where your food comes from" thing seriously at Bumble! It took a lot of due diligence to talk to hog leaders and find out which pigs had never had hormones and were 100% sure fed all natural grain. The girls really got into it asking the kids about their pigs in the line up and running to tell us the stats. Francie even did her own bidding n the last ones!

AHhhhhhh, Red Bluff. :) Oma's house is like a sanctuary!

Corn dog pit stop

love these cousins!