How We Met... "Dreams Happen!"

Brian and I met at a Rebuilding Together "Dreams Happen" charity event on June 4, 2005. It was the Playhouse Auction at Stanford Shopping center and I had received an email at the last minute from a client that they were looking for volunteers to help out so I signed up for a bartending shift from 9pm-midnight. Brian is on the Board for Rebuilding Together and was there without a date that night (thank goodness!) I was walking around with three bottles of wine in my arms pouring tall glasses for the auction bidders. Brian and I started talking and I couldn't tell if he was single or not... I finally asked if he was going to buy a playhouse and was relieved to hear him say "What would I do with a playhouse?!" We couldn't stop talking and I forgot all about my bartending duties! He asked me if he could take me out sometime and I don't think I hesitated a second before I said yes! We ended up dancing (yes Brian was dancing) and talking until the end of the event when his friend/neighbor Mark Ryan pulled him away to take him home.