Proposed To In Camo

Surprise Proposal ~ January 14, 2006

Brian and I went up to his friend Greg Weber's ranch (Edward's Ranch) to go hunting early Saturday morning... I thought we were going out on the ranch with a bunch of friends, Greg, Tyler and Mary and the Flynn family but as we drove up one by one each friend called to say they weren't going to be able to make it and all of the sudden it was down to just Brian and me (and I was still clueless). We took the 4-wheeler out on the ranch but there has been so much rain we couldn't get across the river to make it up to the hills. Brian had to carry me on his shoulders through waist high rushing water in his jeans (he gave me the dry waders!) and then we hiked up into the cliffs with rifles and shotguns in tow. Looking out on the ranch he got down on his knee, pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him... of course I said yes. :)

(The picture is from a hunting expedition two weeks ago, we didn't have a camera with us Saturday! But you get the idea:)

Then- A Surprise Engagement Party!
When we came down from the hills to head back to his parents house he was trying to convince me to change out of my soaking wet jeans and boots (not to mention the waders and full camo jacket!) but I kept telling him I wasn't that cold and would change after a shower at his parents house. I thought his mom was having a dinner for the "trustees" of their high school over for dinner and was just going to sneak in the side door so I didn't even recognize all the cars in the driveway... he pulled right in front of the house where I was totally shocked to find both of our families and friends there for a surprise engagement party!