Back in the Hospital & Big Sisters Visit


Starting with the happy picture of the "gangs all here" above - before the sad picture when I was first admitted BACK into the hospital!! It's all good though and I am doing much better. I still wasn't feeling 100% after 24 hours of IV antibiotics after Tessa was born - but the doctors thought it was just coming down from a traumatic birth and I would feel better. I felt great when I left and then stayed in the NICU half-of-overnight with Tess since she needed a full 72 hours in there (Jannie picked me up at 11pm and brought me back when the nurses called at 4am - pretty good stretch of sleep in a real bed though!) I was home Thursday feeling great - setting up the nursery and helping make Francie's "at home/family" birthday special. I went to bed at 11pm feeling just ok and then was back to chills/achey/AWFUL all night and all the next morning. I could barely walk across the room.


The pediatrician came to check Tessa out at 2:30pm and said I looked awful and when I let her change and find a fresh diaper for Tessa she said "you don't complain or ask for help - you need to get checked out"  I left a msg at my OB clinic but the pediatrician took matters into her own hands and called my OB in a meeting and said she was worried about me. His fellow (who was there for labor this time too) called my cell and sid "Maaaary- do you know why I'm calling? You've been told on." and made me come right down. Heff jumped off a call and took me to clinic w Tess while my mom and Oma watched the girls.


She checked me out in clinic and I had a high heart rate, warm abdomen and overall not doing so hot. She tried to find a protocol for oral antibiotics but consulted the other OB's and they decided I needed IV antibiotics for at least 48 hours. They think I had developed Endometritis - which is failry common after labor but with a rough time recovering my first round of IV hadn't knocked it out. 

I was terrified to be admitted thinking I would have to be away from Tessa for 2+ days!! Heff jumped into - we can do this mode.  Tessa spent her first 6 hours hours with him and I knew she would be well taken care of by her Dad! But I have never pumped before so was worried about that and MISSING 2 days of her life!!


Thankfull (SO thankfully!) my doctors set us up so we could keep Tessa in the room as long as Brian and my mom or someone was here to help with her since I was "the patient." Then I was just fine :)

So we've been hanging out in the hospital since Thursday afternoon. I am on a triple cocktail of antibiotics and feeling much better! I didn't realize how bad I felt until I started feeling better again. Heff and my parents have been taking great care of me and Christian came and hung out this afternoon so Brian could take the big girls on a bike ride. 


Brian went home last night to take the girls to dinner at Bumble with some friends - so my parents stayed and hung out with me and Tess. The girls came to visit after dinner - it was so fun to have them all running crazy around the room! They took turns holding Tessa and were pushing buttons and causing a ruckus :) Jannie took them home for a sleepover (it was kind of nice to see all that chaos walk out the door and be left with my husband and a newborn baby :) thanks Jannie and Grampa! And can't wait to have you back girls...


I should be getting out tonight and will be sooo happy to be home all over again...

Welcome Home Tessa!


Welcome Home Tessa! We are SO glad to have you home (and to be home!) Heff picked up Tessa and I at the hospital at 11:30am this morning and were home by lunch time. The girls came back from preschool to find their mom and baby sister at home and were very excited, even JJ! We had a great day around the house getting used to being a family of SIX. (with Jannie, Grampa, Emmy and Oma to keep us company of course :) FOUR GIRLS under one roof - it's crazy and we love it!


Welcome to your family Tess! ;)


Lots more pics to post tomorrow... now finally off to get some sleep in my own bed!