Trip with Dad


Last Saturday/Sunday Brian took JJ and Tessa up to the ranch for a quick trip to check on things. We got our new pivot going and the hay barns almost built. And I got some real gems texted to me in photos ;)

Is that a chetto mustache JJ or are you smelling them before consuming?


Checking on the pivot. And look how that hay grass is growing!!


They stopped at the tractor store  of course - and didn't really ever get out of the clothes they left in. 


Tiny says "COWS!!!" She's obsessed. 


Oh JJ ;) Heff said the carted around that bag all weekend. Never been happier. Or more orange. 


Easter on The Ranch



We spent Easter Sunday on the ranch together with just our little family - a rare event coming from big families on both sides! We had intended to go to Easter mass in Fort Jones - even stopped by Saturday to check the time at the adorable little church in town! - but after a late night at the neighbors the girls were all sound asleep at 9am and seemed ambitious to get up, fed, dressed and have pleasant church goers ;)

but the Easter bunny still found us!


and then we had an egg hunt up behind the house


my Ukrainian egg attempts. Not winning any awards here ;)


the girls found them and hid them all again 


JJ in her finest Easter ranch wardrobe


her curls are the best after she actually has a shampoo ;)


and this kid made fast friends with a pet Lizard - carrying it around everywhere and insisted on bringing it home in a Tupperware habitat with straws for air holes. #sorrylizard


and there were many lizard shows. JJ was Francie's loyal assistant (just don't ask her to hold the lizard)


I love my view from the cozy couch in this little cabin :) happy Easter!


and another reason to celebrate - the end of Lent means Heff and I can drink our road trip Diet Cokes again, woohoo! ;)


No More Binkies!

Just had to record the date to go down in history. May 19th, 2013 THE BINKY FAIRY CAME TO OUR HOUSE! The girls fairly willingly rounded those things up, put them in a bowl on the porch and went to bed hoping for treat :) She traded for some See's candy and a coloring book!


The first night Maisie said "Maaaayyybe I do want that binky?" but we talked her down and neither have asked since. And since Tess has no interest - we are binky free!! Oh besides that one day Maisie found a binky in the couch cushions - holds it up like a golden ticket and goes "OH YEAH. OH YEAH. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!" and runs upstairs

JJ's Birthday Party

Francie and Maisie threw JJ a "Doggie" birthday party with family on Monday night for her 2nd birthday. Francie stayed up late setting up the scene... "SO. there will be a photo booth in that area, a doggie crawl game in that area, food and snacks in that area, adult stuff in that area..." Brian looked at me and goes "Get used to it!" (just like her mom ;) JJ loved her party and her sisters did a cute job making her feel special and TWO!

opening her presents in the morning

Francie decorated...

this is the photo booth ;)

love her "snack station"

even Oma and Opa came to celebrate JJ! She was very excited to see them

we made pizzas in the pizza oven! been giving it a breaking in but will do more as the weather gets better - learning a little more every time from Jannie

photos by Maisie

and wouldn't be a party without Lindabobbi!!

and Kiss-tain, James and Em with Scarlett!

dancing puppy dog (lots of doggie gifts)

thank you hugs for Maisie and Jannie

cute Emmy and tired looking Tess

UJ and Luke were so nice to make the trip over the hill too!

Happy Birthday to our JJ

birthdays, arrows, rainbows.. and JJ! all my favs ;)