Drive to Black Butte


We had another succesful Family Reunion in Black Butter Oregon the last week in July! We left Los Altos Thursday afternoon and drove up to Red Bluff to meet the crowd at thehalf way point for an overnight - then took off on I-5 headed to Oregon early the next morning! 12 hours on the road total -but half of the famly vacation is the forced family fun in the car!


sleepy JJ in the truck - only time we really get to talk without her noisy chatter!


pit stop diaper change


overnight in Red Bluff with cousins... 2/3 the way there!


Dad spoils them with gas station burritos and corn dogs for breakfast. ummmmmm.


ordering Makery stuff on my drive - these awesome 3fish prints we sell now - very fitting these are the states we have!




Finally... A Sprinter!!

I have the best husband EVER! I was away overnight for a friend's birthday celebration and I came home to THIS in front of the house. EEEEEKKKK!!! I've wanted a Sprinter forever. It's a total Dugger style people mover (12 seater!) and bare bones basic, hose-it-out inside.... and I LOVE IT! We finally decided it was a warranted purchase to help with business stuff and flea market shopping, and Heff surprised me for our 7th anniversary present :) I am soooo excited! Going to put some good business logo car wraps on this thing and might never drive my Suburban again!!! THANKS HEFF!!!