Baby Ann Sleepover!

ABA came back from Nashville for Em's shower this weekend and we got to pick her up at the airport Thursday night and bring her back to sleep HERE (couldn't believe Jannie was going to let her not stay there - until I realized Jannie was coming to sleepover too!) The girls were so excited Francie was standing by the door at 6pm with a backpack on to go to the airport even though her flight didn't get in til 8:30pm. ABA read tons of books to the girls and as requested slept in Francie's twin bed with her!

JJ wouldn't look at my camera so I told her there was spider inside. She looks terrified and confused ;)

so I tried the "show me your teeth!" tactic - neither are good choices for JJ apparently (but look at those teeth! coming back down after they were shoved half way up the gums after the chair fall!)

Tess did not like my attempt at a self-taken picture of us. I know Tess it was a lame idea.

one of my favorite books... but

ABA wondering why they torture Aunts with the longest, hardest to read books ever

Maisie tried to make her feel better

and then Grampa dropped Jannie off for a double sleepover after they had dinner with friends. Jannie heard Tessa still crying at 1am and came and got her from me - I laid down for 5 minutes that turned into 2 hours and came down to find Jannie on the couch with a sleeping baby on her knees. She said she didn't want to risk moving after she got her down - and Jannie didn't even have her iPhone with her to play Words with Friends!! What a good mom :) THANK YOU JANNIE!

Three beds for the three babes!

lots of fun for the girls to have a PJ party with some of their favorite people :)