Life Lately

just catching up with my zillions of over filtered iPhone photos I don't know hoe to mange except for instagraming them!! I am printing lots of insta pics to make albums after I realized we have hardly a photo in sight in the house and the girls needed some for a school project. Technology is great but it sure is hard to get it off the screen! So here are a few of life lately for the girls...

tractor shopping last weekend


this tiny face


speaking of which somebody went to kinder sharing - and was pretty proud to be there!!


dinner at Harry's hofbrau with Jannie and grandpa when Heff was gone one night


sweet note Francie left for maisie


such a big girl with those freckles 


sweet sleeping sisters Maisie and JJ


and cute cousins Tess and Scar


Maisie earning her dinner at Bumble serving tables and polishing silverware


and the girls called this #roadkill



France taking care of mom and dad after a long days work 


target run with three (they're favorite mom excursion)


and some days we are so tired we don't even make it to bed ;)


No More Binkies!

Just had to record the date to go down in history. May 19th, 2013 THE BINKY FAIRY CAME TO OUR HOUSE! The girls fairly willingly rounded those things up, put them in a bowl on the porch and went to bed hoping for treat :) She traded for some See's candy and a coloring book!


The first night Maisie said "Maaaayyybe I do want that binky?" but we talked her down and neither have asked since. And since Tess has no interest - we are binky free!! Oh besides that one day Maisie found a binky in the couch cushions - holds it up like a golden ticket and goes "OH YEAH. OH YEAH. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!" and runs upstairs

Weekend by Insta


We had a great weekend around the house recovering from Thanksgiving! The girls spent a lot of time in PJ's, we spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing - moving takes forever to finish completely. It was nice sunny weather Saturday and we were outside a lot then Sunday we had an action packed day with a birthday party and the Festival of Lights parade in DTLA to kick off the holiday season... early to bed Sunday night to go back to school after 10 days off!

Friday night. Leftovers for dinner, Juicy's, red wine, cozy couch and sleeping baby. perfect.


the girls worked on their Lego Vet hospital with dad in new Target Christmas jammies. Prety happy campers too


Assume the watching football position


Saturday morning hanging out by the sunny window with my baby girl watching the world go by


and organizing! This is my crazy shoe system - 1 dot, 2, dots, 3 dots for oldest to youngest (youngest shoe wearer - Tessa will add another dot next year to be 4 dot!) I figure if I continue to only buy the girls these kinds of winter shoes in odd sizes (5-7-9-11 - gotta fit one of those!) - every year I just buy the oldest kid and the hand-me-down but matching system will be intack! 


and our new fence was painted Saturday - looks much better green than the white primer all the neighbors were worried about :)


and 12-21 when the Mayan calendar ends - just come here. We've got back up power now.


Going to church Sunday morning


short walk even in the rain to mass


Sunday after church we went to a really fun Superhero birthday party and wore the girls out! They all napped, even Francie in the stroller when she went on a run with Brian and stayed out to "cat nap" for awhile - haha.


bundled up for Festival of Lights parade!


crazy kids ready to roll


and there's Santa! Let the Christmas season begin!


bedtime for bonzo's - Daddy reading Madeline to his bathed, jammied up nightgown girlies.


goodnight! (JJ says "take. MY. PICTCHA!" Francie oblidges and Maisie says "No Way" - typical :)