The Next Adventure

Brian and I would like to thank our friendly followers, loyal customers and our friends who helped us grow our shops and restaurants in Downtown Los Altos. We are very proud of these businesses we created from big ideas and the help of our creative employees. We have sold the businesses and look forward to seeing DTLA continue to prosper.

As for the Heffernan family and The H&H Company, we look forward to finding the next adventure in small business. Our newest endeavor is running a cattle ranch in Siskiyou County, Sharps Gulch Ranch, that will focus on sustainable, family-farmed foods. There is a lot of hard work ahead and we look forward to this new journey and implementing our vision. We love new adventures and seeing where they take us.

We hope you’ll stay tuned!

-Mary and Brian Heffernan
The H&H Company



Rosebowl Flea Market


Alicia, Marisa and I Sprintered (yes, it's a verb :) down to Pasadena this weekend to scavenge the Pasadena Flea Market! We left early Saturday morning and drove down 101 to the Langham hotel - just in time to enjoy sidecards and the sunset! Then up EARLY Sunday morning to shop til we dropped. It was 100 degrees and PACKED! We didn't love this flea market as much as Canton Texas (could never get any better!!) or our home turf Alameda Antique Fair. Rosebowl was not well organized so it was hard to stick to a path of travel and there were lots of grouchy people - maybe didn't help we had our GIANT cart going down small isles collecting our goods!

And to top it all off it was Marisa's birthday!! Happy Bday!


we walked all over the property to find the last inches of sun


and we found sidecars on the terrace bar - cheers OJannie!


Early morning arrival!


We bungeed out carts together - it was awesome. and yes that's an industrial launry cart!!


what? We're pickers!


The saddest moment of the day - realizing we MISSED this white peacock taxidermy!! But we made BFF's with it's new owner. Love the flea market culture! (just better in NorCal and Texas than LA!)


and our final round we couldn't leave 400 year old St Francis behind. We love him even with his missing fingers (No, saints do not flip the bird)


Back to the hotel to crash- Juicy pants, club level snacks and cocktails and BAD TV! heff asked why the heck weren't we going out on the town... TOO TIRED!! And when 3 moms leave 8 kids at home, THIS is vacation.


surprise evening entertainment from our balcony. An intense Persian wedding, complete with Cinderella carriage and a 3 hour set up (guests dressed and waiting for three hours)


Monday morning heading home - love you Sprinter!


Somebody's gotta do it


Thanks for another fun scouting and scavenging adventure A & M!


I was pretty excited to come home to my stinkers... and my husband for taking such good care of them (he took all four to Target on a Saturday - he's nuts!)


The Botanist

The Botanist is the newest addition to The H & H :) (and for a good long while - hopefully the last new addition!!) Marisa Lyssand is the official "Botanist" and has such an amazing eye for all things flowers and garden. She and her sister Alicia, who is Director of The Makery, have been helping me with a bunch of projects around work and home. Our little town flower shop just went out of business and a space opened up - so we put our heads together and came up with The Botanist!

It's a beautiful store for all things floral and home... succulents, air plants, orchids, cut flowers that are local and seasonal and lots of awesome one-of-a-kind flea market and vintage finds. We've been scouring the fleas for months and will continue to do it to keep our stock ready for buying! Come check us out at 363 State Street in Downtown Los Altos.

Arrangements - small to large for $45-150

The Buzz on Biz

We've been making lots of changes at Bumble (and Area 151 and PLAY!) for the winter. We switched to a new seasonal menu at Bumble today - very exciting after about a month of ideas, trying recipes, creating a new menu format and executing. I keep saying it but this restaurant business is nuts. We really do enjoy it but it's about 20x more work than any of the other businesses. But the "fruits" of our labor are delicious so it's worth it :)

(a photographer came to take some pictures of 'how I work' and sent me a few of them - JJ and Tess look way cuter than me in these but that's ok)

yup that's right - I just play on the floor all day - NEVER ignoring my kids on my laptop at work ;)

The new menu is ALL locally sourced and mostly organic. It makes it a little tricky since we took off tomatoes, avocado, strawberries and wild salmon (all California cuisine ingredients) but most people don't realize these items all come from out of the country and some are gassed to ripen by the time they get to grocery store shelves. So we have switched out avocado for artichoke hearts and have some fresh takes on winter veggies on the menu. We've also upped the ante a little with braised short ribs and cioppino for dinner - come try it's all good! Here is Breakfast

we also got some good press last week with an article in the San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal - always helpful to get some free PR :) Brian's law firm was on the cover of the Journal a year ago - he has been teasing me he beat me with better billing as I was only on page 3 ;)

and Area 151 promoting our awesome event space! Host your next kids party or corporate event, it's like Dave and Busters only no security guard at the front door

Party Room!

As you can see business is just buzzing along!