Happy Birthday Grampa!


Momday night we celebrated my Dad's birthday at my parents house. They just finished their big kitchen remodel and spruced up the side area (bye bye trampoline yard!) with a garden path and a fountain. It all looks awesome!!

My dad got live lobsters for a family feed - what a treat! Tiny was terrified but Francie was fearless πŸ˜‰ I think the rubber bands helped. 

Nothing better than Emmy double trouble! Cousins in pink 


Jannie's new love bird swing - for two or three ladies (and matching summer dresses, thanks Lisa Fuerst!!)


Tiny was so proud of herself 


Kids table set - nobody does it better than Jannie!


Not thrilled that they are moving but Grampary keeps her safe 


And Uncle Jerry let's them tease him all day long


Cutest couple around serving up their crew of kids - we are pretty lucky!


Memorial Day dinner - summer is here


Big kids table


And ice cream cake to celebrate Grampa - we love you Dad!!


Always fun at Jannie and Grampa's house!! That flagstone better hold up to one zillion tricycle laps around the fountain in the next few years!



Happy Birthday Maisie Moo!! I can't believe you are FOUR. You are such a sweet little girl and a light in our family. You LOVE babies and your little sisters and ask me probably 12 times a day if you can 'hold Tessie' which you do with a big smile on your face. Yesterday I found you sitting on the front porch in a tiny chair holding her around the belly in her little onesie (you had gotten her OUT of her crib!) and had the iPod next to you playing music for her. You were whispering to her telling her what a good baby she was. You are so sweet Maisie!

we had a birthday celebration for you in the morning. You woke up and said "let's go see if there are decorations!" Emmy got you sprinkle donuts and Jamba Juice as you requested. You had cards from Jannie and Aunt Marge and your sisters. Mom and Dad got you art supplies and outdoor stuff. Walkie -Talkies even!

and Gladys our awesome housekeeper got you a HUGE hello kitty pinata filled with candy. She knows you well! She brought it two days early and you had it sit at the table with us every meal.

Dad got you dressed in your cute skinny jeans and tank top (you are bean pole Maise!) and brought you down to see

love all your cute little Maisie faces

opening presents

You wore a pretty pink dress to school (after Francie spilled a Jamba ALL over you at breakfast) with your new sparkly pink shoes from Emmy and a pink headband and pink bracelets. Not sure what your favorite color is? ;)

You love that you get to spend so much time with your god-mother Emmy - she made this cute collage for you - Maisie by the years!

Dad and I took you to school for your special birthday morning. Teacher Jamie was sick but Francie got to sit with your group for morning story time and a birthday candle

and even Tess, Emmy and JJ came to watch!

you were so cute up there - your friends were so excited to sing to you

then DAD got to read your favorite book to your whole class! (The Sneeches! thanks Aunt Maureen)

you looked pretty proud to have your Dad up there

he did a good job reading the whole book

we just had some family and neighbors over for dinner for your birthday. You made treat bags at PLAY in the afternoon and then we all went to Baskin Robbins and picked out a cake.

you and Francie decorated

then it was pinata time!!!

it's a spectator sport

Daniel did it in!

bye-bye kitty!

Gladys and her buddy Tiny Tess

more after dinner fun

and CAKE!

maybe already had some chocolate cookies face

make a wish

love that little face!



and the long awaited blanket Jannie MADE FOR MAISIE!


pretty good birthday :) here's to being FOUR!

JJ's Birthday Party

Francie and Maisie threw JJ a "Doggie" birthday party with family on Monday night for her 2nd birthday. Francie stayed up late setting up the scene... "SO. there will be a photo booth in that area, a doggie crawl game in that area, food and snacks in that area, adult stuff in that area..." Brian looked at me and goes "Get used to it!" (just like her mom ;) JJ loved her party and her sisters did a cute job making her feel special and TWO!

opening her presents in the morning

Francie decorated...

this is the photo booth ;)

love her "snack station"

even Oma and Opa came to celebrate JJ! She was very excited to see them

we made pizzas in the pizza oven! been giving it a breaking in but will do more as the weather gets better - learning a little more every time from Jannie

photos by Maisie

and wouldn't be a party without Lindabobbi!!

and Kiss-tain, James and Em with Scarlett!

dancing puppy dog (lots of doggie gifts)

thank you hugs for Maisie and Jannie

cute Emmy and tired looking Tess

UJ and Luke were so nice to make the trip over the hill too!

Happy Birthday to our JJ

birthdays, arrows, rainbows.. and JJ! all my favs ;)

Heff's Birthday Party


For Heff's big 41 this year we had a mellow day with the girls and then hosted a birthday dinner with some of his friends at Bumble. We had a special Valentines dinner for the kids in the playroom and a white linen pre-fix menu for the adults to sit back and enjoy - it was delicious and a fun way to mix it up at Bumble for a special occasion... Heff's birthday of course (Valentines Day who?)


One of the families that came had three girls, 9, 7 and 5 but Francie clung on to the oldest like glue ("it's an oldest thing mom") and thy claimed one of the adult tables as their own for a sweet little dinner date :) the converstaion was amazing since this girl HUNTS with her dad. (pretty much maide Heff's birthday this relationship blossomed )


little girls with their buddies Emily and Tracy


and it's not a party until JJ breaks out the Wild Turkey