Catching Up

Wow - I used to blog religiously, almost every night... with photos of my baby girls and our daily adventures and business goings ons and way-too-much-information about a whole lotta not-that-exciting stuff! And then Instagram came along and then a few more baby girls came along and then more businesses... and THEN a pick up and move to be ranchers full time happened. And somewhere in there I stopped documenting our daily life here!

But I kinda want to change that. I'm not going to try to commit to anything because I'm pretty sure it won't happen as I see it in my head, but I really want to come back to this space to document life again - our life on the ranch. It is busier and crazier and O-M-G-did-that-just-happen every single day and Instagram gives me a pretty great platform to "micro-blog" a few times a day - but I love the ritual of blogging/recording on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis. I kept a hand written journal every single day from when I was 13 until I was 25. My Dad gave me a daily ledger and I filled one page a day with what I did that day, nothing too deep just what was filling my time. I love looking back at those! 

So while not making any promises (and really who reads blogs anymore anyway!?) I'm going to document a little more of our daily adventures on the ranch here. The crazy days when things go sideways and the awesome days when it all goes right and the days in between too. Maybe ;) 

Special days like THIS when we get all dolled up for our 10 year anniversary celebration photos (I will blog these!) 

and normal everyday days on the ranch feeding pigs and doing chores (and covered in dirt).

and the crazy days when we have bottle feeder baby animals in the house. :) 

and everything in between!