Paris 2013

Got to Paris just in time for PJ's and snuggling

we are getting good at this. Arrive, feed kids, go out with to go cups!

The next morning we went for an early walk and saw this motorcade for the departure of the Polish President... everyone stops walking and stands at attention until they pass. Cool to see.

Parisian breakfast with my girlies

Sweet Maisie Moo

Carousel in the park

look at that side saddle in her new sparkle shoes

And a jump park in the park - I Instagrammed they would never allow this in the US. I know there are Jumpy places but this was a "$5 to jump for 20 minutes outside on half broken trampolines with no need to sign any release" kinda place!

Maisie waiting in line for the climbing structure with the big kids. Jumped right in

photographer in the park

we don't look like tourists do we?

break for a diaper change (yup that kind)

didn't even realize I had two pairs of sunglasses on (one was maisie's!)

we were home cozy for bed after a long day of sight seeing - and decided to jump up and see the Eifle Tower at night while the lights were flashing! Pulled this one out of bed in her new sleep sack to go on the adventure - she was happier 5 minutes later :)

Eifle Tower - 10pm!

nice rally Tess

and I'd say she's done

Cathedral the next day

lots of hours logged in the bjorn - we lit candles for all of our favorite people

Parisian lunch with my loves and friends - pretty good day

just kicking it

buddies throwing change

and a stop at a Children's Museum to check out the brand new "Weather Worlds" instillartion by our friends Theo and Emily who put in Night Bright at Bumble. It was SO COOL.

dinner and champs to end the day

AND meeting David Beckham in our hotel bar! we left at the same time and asked if we could take a photo to make our husbands jealous - he obliged :)

last outting in Paris!

bye bye to the hotel cat

girls in their traveling clothes!

bye bye Paris! Off to the next stop!