Italy 2013

Our last stop on our European vacation was Italy! We finally sat still in one place long enough to relax and enjoy the good food and the view. Maisie and I got a lot of time to hang out while Tess was happy playing with the three other babies there (a group of friends and their kids met us in Italy). Heff and the girls were trying to maybe meet us there but it got to be too much for a short trip - so we tried to enjoy the last of the vacation... but were sure missing them by the end! It was a fun trip to remember with Maisie and Tess - while Francie and JJ got some good Dad time in!

Leaning tower of Pisa

We hit it up like the total tourists that we were in rainy muggy weather - but Maisie was pretty happy with her hoodie liesure suit :)

love this picture of Maisie

My turn - Maisie is better at it :)

and after a three hour bus ride - we arrived to a borgo in Tuscany! (late at night - this was the next morning when we woke up to find out this was the view!)

Maise was obsessed with the helicopter and went up for a ride twice. Brave girl

pretty sights

Sightseeing in Siena

on the square

dinner time

Tess wasn't so sure about the helicopter ride

Maisie helped serve dinner with the family who ran the borgo - she's got a lot of street cred after all those hours at Bumble ;)

Tess and her buddies - adorable, local Italian girls!

and Maisie played babysitter to the owner's daughter Chloe all week - here she HAD to go find her having her lunch to say goodbye