As of Late

just catchin up! I added an "Instagram Feed" on the side bar so you can see the day-to-day happenings in real time - haha ;) nothing too exciting around here just more of the same fun and craziness with the girls!

We got invited to a Chinese New Year celebration at Maisie's friend Marissa's house - her older brother and sister put on a great show teaching them about Chinese New Year traditions

big sisters are the best

the sun is out again! spring fever means ice cream afternoon trips

happy tiny in her bouncy while we cook dinner

Tess getting some morning sun... and JJ pretends she's the baby

party in Tessa's crib! (I loved your comment Bethy- where was JJ? "In the VIP crib party" of ocurse)

I love this picture of the Troopy Sara took - spring also means the Troopy comes back out! (now just have to figure out how to fit in our new, smaller garage)

JJ and Daddy - what a pair :)

trying to get Tess to take a bottle - attempt 2 = no go. (but tried a new kind of bottle last night and she had about an ounce! small steps)

Dad did a record 6 minute install of FOUR car seats in the truck - those things are such a pain!

night night (also working on getting her to sleep like this in HER bed!)