Winter Lodge Skating

Friday night we all went to a really fun family holiday party at The Winter Lodge. The girls were pretty proud to show off their ice skating skills to their friends! Francie and Maisie were skating circles around the ice and JJ put skates on for the first time (yes my back is killing me from holding her up to go around and around) and Tess sat in a stroller we borrowed on the ice!

ummmm... has anyone else noticed this new feature on Picasa? I just uploaded my iphone pics and they put SNOW on this photo? How did they do that?! (and no it wasn't really snowing here!)

Dad stayed on dry land and held down the fort with the non skaters (usually JJ)

Pushing baby sis

Tess was like hte bell of the ball, everyone wanted a turn to push her! (and sorry to the people who we borrowed the stroller from, I think we overstayed our borrowing welcome :)