Fiji Getaway - October 2013

Maisie and I escaped to Fiji for a weekend with friends - it was a looong trip out there and back but totally worth it for some sand and sun! Francie had to option to go but was more excited for her walk-a-thon :) and the littles were finally all big enough to stay with Dad too! So Maisie and I had some quality time together hanging out and recharging for a few short days. never long enough on island time!

we're here!

Maisie ran in to put on her bathing suit, cover up and camo hat #thatsmygirl

let's go have some fun

peace, love and fiji

ready to go exploring on the tender to the beach

Post swim/paddle/hike hot tub and treats :)

happy kid (happy mom)

hike to the top of a mini-mountain, inspired us to do some gymnastics of course

backbend - realized after I was in it it wasn't going to be easy to get out of it :)

paddle boarder Maisie

my little bug

ready for dinner

sweet girl snuggling mom

sunset - see you next time!

sea plane ride to the airport (Maisie fell asleep sitting before we even took off - and it was a BUMPY takeoff!!) and then the long flight home to my other stinkers!