Tahoe Ski Trip!

Last weekend we went up to Tahoe to take the girls skiing for the first time this season. Francie and Maisie leanred last year in Jackson Hole and then went a few more times in Shasta with Heff - but they got right back on their little edgy-wedgy skis and were off and running. JJ was complaining "where my skis?" and her big feet fit the smallest size boot so we rented her short little skis and sent her out too! She wasn't really strong enough to snow plow but Heff skiied with her between his legs and she went ballistic saying "I GOOOO SUPER FAST!!! AGAIN!!" over and over and over. They all managed the magic carpet and then graduated to the lifts for the second and third day. I even got a few runs in with them both days while Tess cooperated and napped in the room! Fun to get out to the snow but MAN is there a lot of gear :)

off with the big girls (rental car in parking lot, don't freak out at no car seats)

it's cold here (really not that cold - we were over dressed a little)

and they're off

for a few hours then time for hot chocolate inside by the fire

hilarious to see little J in her romper on skis

first time on the magic carpet - I stood behind her w Tess in the Bjorn (can't be allowed but no one really tells you you CAN'T do anything at Northstar!)

ok JJ here you go (nice pink goggles Heff)

Tiny and I on the sidelines having a beer waiting for the skiers to get hungry

family lift photo op

I was on the "Big Easy" lift w Maisie and Francie and we saw Dad and JJ ski by - the girls were frantically waving and yelling for them

sisters selfie

caught up to them

snuggles in the room