Week Without Emmy is OVER!

Last week Emmy was in Boston for our cousin (my goddaughter) Claire Elise's graduation from BC (congrats Claire!!) and we sure missed her!!! The girls were really out of sorts without their Emmy, one day Francie was acting up and we asked her what the problem was and she said "I just miss Emmy." we managed to survive the week but man are we glad we get Emmy back :) Here are some pictures just surviving a week without her.

Tuesday Janie and I took France to preschool while Heff took Maisie to Stockton to pick up Hank the Moose! We went to La Baguette for treats and a little shopping until the 11:30am pick up that sneaks up on us when we get there at 10am :)

Lots of afternoon water table play. This is JJ's "cheese" face. She will not stop until she has climbed to the highest point on whatever she is doing - a little daredevil in her!

Sister fun

Front yard soakcing up some sun while the girls collect snails and pill bugs

I found Francie out here reading her book on sharks one day

and she likes to stall bedtime by doing drawings - the I love Mom ones really seem to be the ticket ;)

Thursday while the big girls were berry picking JJ came to Bumble with me to set up for the party - she was a big help of course ;)

 JJ Lunch date Thursday with Mom and Dad - no complaints from the only child for a day 

Friday we had a playdate with our neighbors - they have a daughter Maisie's age she is so shy around but calls "her best friend" and ironically the mom went to Brian's high school in Red Bluff! 

They live on the creek too but have a pool of water and rocks in their bend that has crawdads!!!

and JJ picked a good week for a growth spurt - she slept until 11am Monday, 11:30am Tuesday and NOON on Wednesday!!! From 8pm the night before, not a peep out of her until I woke her up at 12. Arnerich blood through and through!

and I love the way Maisie sleeps (creepy mom taking pictures of her sleeping - that's me)  Love the leg cross in the camo PJs she picked

and last night it was Buzz Lightyear to the rescue :) - she's getting so long!

Friday night for my Dad's "real" birthday celebration (the one he knew about) we all met up in the city at the House of Prime Rib for a late dinner. Happy Birthday Dad!

Group shot in the "commemorative frame" from HoPR :)

Out on the town (first time I have been in the city since Christmas!) 


Then Saturday night dinner at home in sweats (my favorite!) - high chair crouch pose. nice JJ


and the weekend was mellow with lots of walks downtown and down time at home. My PINK girls!

Sunday night the girls were spent so we actually put them to bed early and made dinner for just the two of us - a rare event! Of course Francie came out about half way through to show off a drawing and we let her stay out with us and eat sticky rice. She goes "This is so fun. This is the best dinner I've ever tasted - I NEVER get to do this!"  I'll post her drawing next - it was pretty worthy of letting her stay up awhile!