Janie ~ 11 months

My little JJ! You are 11 months - hard to believe you will be ONE in a few weeks! You have taken a few steps and are pretty steady on your feet but you haven't really started walking yet (your sister's both walked a little after their 11 month birthday - no pressure JJ :) Just kidding we like your one-leg-up crawl and you sure do love to be held. Lately when we put you down you throw an impressive tantrum with your forehead to the floor crying real tears - such the drama queen!

You love REAL food (no more baby stuff) and will eat a whole banana every chance you get. You love pasta, fruit, meat, veggies - pretty much anything put in front of you.

If you sisters have a lollipop and you don't you LOSE your mind. We give in to the sticky hands.

You still sleep well and take great naps- 1 or 2 a day, usually for 2-3 hours. You are a great sleeper, thank you JJ!

You are a talker too! Not as much as Francie was but more than Maisie did at this age. You say "Hiyyyy. Hiyyyy." to anyone who walks by. You say "Dada and Mom-mom-mom." A doggie says "ugh-ugh" and a monkey says "oo-oo" and a bunny scrunches her nose. You say "Hiyy DAD!" sometimes. You say Em-Emmmm for Emmy! (don't worry this was just to move the car in the driveway :)

You emphatically shake your head NOOOO when you are not interested in something.

You use baby signs "All done" usually in the high chair when you want to get down or bathrub when your sisters attack you. You are getting Please, Thank You and More (more is your pointer fingers crossed in the air back and forth :)

You love to POINT at people and when they lean in you stick your finger in their mouth. Even strangers :)

You give great open mouth kisses - nice and slobbery!! And you love that binky...


we sure love "That Little J" :)