time to catch up on the iPhone dump with an "Insta-lately" post!...


matching unders - after a sleepover at Jannie's. Love the long sleeve, no sleeve, short sleeve differences.

That's my CRAZY JJ!

Seriously... the cat is a saint.

and Maisie Moo - love the expressions she can run through in a matter of seconds

Big girl doing an art project - her favorite thing to do



and I finally got this blog printed on REAL PAPER in case the internet/world explodes on Saturday when the Mayan calendar ends. I printed them in 3 month/quarter increments on SharedBook. 18 volumes so far, some way thicker than others for some reason (usually when I wasn't pregnant or didnt have a newborn - oh wait that only happened once :) still 2012 to be printed though!

getting in the holiday spirit - another classic Maisie face 

Backwa came over for dinner one night when Jannie was busy - what a treat!

Merry Christmas :)

Tessa's first Christmas - still got all the "Baby's First Christmas" outfits from Francie that fit perfectly since their birthdays were so close :)

love these little monsters (on Francie's adopted "blankie" - it was mine when I was a baby, she loves that :)

and we went to a beautiful baby shower for Em at the Skidmore's last Thursday night - I missed the memo it was a ladies event and Heff came along - he was a good sport! (and admitted a party at the Skidmore's is never a problem - food and everything are always amazing!) It was a fun night for Em