The Buzz on Biz

We've been making lots of changes at Bumble (and Area 151 and PLAY!) for the winter. We switched to a new seasonal menu at Bumble today - very exciting after about a month of ideas, trying recipes, creating a new menu format and executing. I keep saying it but this restaurant business is nuts. We really do enjoy it but it's about 20x more work than any of the other businesses. But the "fruits" of our labor are delicious so it's worth it :)

(a photographer came to take some pictures of 'how I work' and sent me a few of them - JJ and Tess look way cuter than me in these but that's ok)

yup that's right - I just play on the floor all day - NEVER ignoring my kids on my laptop at work ;)

The new menu is ALL locally sourced and mostly organic. It makes it a little tricky since we took off tomatoes, avocado, strawberries and wild salmon (all California cuisine ingredients) but most people don't realize these items all come from out of the country and some are gassed to ripen by the time they get to grocery store shelves. So we have switched out avocado for artichoke hearts and have some fresh takes on winter veggies on the menu. We've also upped the ante a little with braised short ribs and cioppino for dinner - come try it's all good! Here is Breakfast

we also got some good press last week with an article in the San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal - always helpful to get some free PR :) Brian's law firm was on the cover of the Journal a year ago - he has been teasing me he beat me with better billing as I was only on page 3 ;)

and Area 151 promoting our awesome event space! Host your next kids party or corporate event, it's like Dave and Busters only no security guard at the front door

Party Room!

As you can see business is just buzzing along!