Weekend Insta-review

Our weekend in review! As you passworders know, the blog is private now. Kinda sad but now I feel like I can post more of our daily life since only friends and family are reading! So I promise more frequent updates with even more mindless info or TMI on the Heffs :) Thanks for following babyheff even with the annoying password! Here are a few pics from the weekend...

Smiles from Tess - 8 weeks and her personality is coming through! 

new washer-dryer (super exciting ;) means big cardboard slide time. I started it by dangling JJ by her feet and sliding her down. She stood up and looked at me like "what the heck Mom?!" and then realizes "Woah that was fun." and did it over and over again with France

all my chicks snuggled in for movie night Thursday night - no school Friday! (only got through half of Brave - too scary apparently)

late night ice cream snack - Dad setting the eatin' out of the carton example (I caught Francie chugging Odwalla out of the gallon container last week!) 

morning sun playtime Friday morning while we went for teacher conferences. All good things to report :) We thought Maisie would have a hard time adjusting but she is thriving. She's still chooses carefully who she claims to be friends with although her teacher says she plays with everyone and likes to be the teacher's helper. Maisie told us she only likes the kids who "don't talk super much."

double braids! like the old vaulting days

reading to JJ before they head to Red Bluff

Tess and I cooking dinner for the troops


Francie makes the ba-bees before bed now (I know - all 3 are too old for bottles!)

binky baby!! ahhhhhh - 8 weeks of fussy nights and not taking the kinds of binkies I had - Jannie pulled out the old classic NUK and she went right for it! Quieted down at 11pm and SLEPT TIL 8am.  Thank you NUK :)

First time with the bink

crazy kids! they came home from Red Bluff Sunday night dirty little monsters... bathtime and then red sauce pasta, oops :)

Poor Tess has a little cold/cough too - so sad to hear baby congestion :(

our shower at the new house has a steam thing - worked perfect for clearing her up a bit

2 months is a little young for the Bumbo but she was smiling for a minute :) we had it out from cousin Lauren visiting, Tessa will be in soon

Sunday morning in Chico - the girls helped pick out one of the turkeys Ellie, Kate and Patrick raised for our Thanksgiving feast! Last year we got one of them too - a 27 pounder. They plucked it up and got it all ready for the brine. Thanks for all the hard work raising out bird Matthews!


Ellie showing JJ the bird

Saturday night at Oma's house - Maisie earned $0.25 babysitting Lauren while Kat cooked dinner. Lauren is 5 months old and looks as big as Maisie in the head department :) Love that smile Lauren!

Oma made them Hot Chocolate at the kdis table - lucky girls

meanwhile Tess and I were home since she was sick and stayed at Jannie's Saturday night. Cozy by the fire, yummy lamb shank dinner with Jannie, Backawa, Em and I and being taken care of by Jannie (warm hot fudge sundaes by the fire) LOVED IT!