Halloween Extravaganza 2012

We had a rocking Halloween Extravaganza party at Bumble the night before Halloween! We took over Bumble and Area 151 and created a whole world of spookiness and fun. We had over 100 people but it worked great to have everyone spread out at the arcade with food and drinks at Bumble (plus facepainting and crafts in the Playroom) Parties like this make all the hassle of owning a restaurant almost worth it ;) Here were the pre-halloween festivities!

Heff took Area 151's choo-choo train on it's maiden voyage in the parking lot for rides. (It lights up with blue LED's at night - just wait for the Downtown Los Altos Holiday Lights Parade ;)

Francie got to come help me and Tess with set up in the afternoon while her sisters were napping. Result = awesome facepaint...

...and helping the "mixologist" tests his potions

40 bales of straw delivered - Rashelle and I rolled and dollyed they around to set up a little pumpkin patch and photo op when you came out of the haunted house. It's amazing how fast straw bales can fillout an big space - and how much work it is to clean them up the next day!

And when Heff came over to have lunch with me at Bumble I asked him what the chances were I could find a truck load of corn kernels by the afternoon. He claimed it couldn't be that hard - a few calls to feed stores later and he actually agreed to go pick it up for me, what a husband!

So we made a pit out of straw bales...

and threw in 600 pounds of corn! Jump on in

The tutoring room in 151 turned into a spooky haunted house complete with characters who jump out at you - my new events manager, Betsy, at Bumble is AMAZING at all of this!!


telling the ghost-guy "I wasn't even that scared!"

all of the staff hard at work at Bumble - it's so fun to set these parties up!

Spider girl

Wonder girl

Whole room photo booth - this was soo fun!

Checking to make sure everything is getting cooked in the kitchen

Ready for a party!

Me and Heff...

or Frankenstein and didn't-have-time-to-change into anything cool so I'll be a blue-haired cowgirl?

Showing off what she learned about dry ice

Spooky train conductor

and mean mom testing JJ's reaction with a creepy alien head on - she was skeptical!