Backyard BBQ Rehearsal Dinner

A happy post in the middle of everything... My brother and Emily got married last weekend- a very joyous event on my side of the family in the midst of sadness on Brian's. We tried to balance celebration and heartache. Friday we flew down to LA and back that afternoon to make the Rehearsal Dinner at my parents house. My parents did a great job planning a festive backyard BBQ on July 1 at their house and we toasted (and roasted) my brother and his bride-to-be.

Janie all decked out in her 4th if July duds

arriving at the Rehearsal Dinner at my parents house from the airport - not the best picture when your camera is on artificial light settings and your eyes are swollen from tears all day

furrowed brow Janie girl- looks a lot like my brother Jerry's baby pictures

Maisie hanging out with Brian and my dad's brothers

Emmy and the JJ

James and Em with their mommas

Such pretty decorations Jannie :)

Mimi, Em, Janie and Claire

Claire having a deep conversation with Francie when she eyes her baby sister… "come here J… I can walk around with you..."

Janie trying to hold her own

Maisie ringing the bell for dinner

cousins looking sharp (love your turquoise dress ABA :)

James and Em at dinner before the toasts

The girls insisted on sitting on Jannie's lap and then Maisie was set on having her PJ"s on but no one else could do it but Jannie. She was a good grandmother and marched the girls upstairs for PJ's but we had to hold the toasts to wait for her!

My Dad stalling by telling inappropriate jokes- i love it :)

Friends & Family enjoying the warm summer night

time for bed.