Blackberries for Sis

This morning the girls and I went to a U-Pick Berry Farm at Webb Ranch. One of the mom's in our Friday playgroup invited everyone to meet there for some berry picking fun. It turns out it was "opening day" for berry picking and it was crazy busy! Plus for some reason it was really windy and kinda cold today so the little berry bubble suits the girls had on had to be paired with black leggings and fleece's! And it was so crowded we ran into some friends along the way (more non-playgroup friends than anything) but never really gathered up- so the girls and I really had a nice time just the three of us in the berry fields. That and the pony rides sure made for a fun day!

who needs berries? We found dirt. (sitting in the parking area while I gathered up our bag of stuff- seriously should have brought the wagon on this one)

and a playhouse in the fields!

Francie told Maisie "Maisie! I didn't know picking berries was such a great day!"

busy eating berries (I had to pay extra for the berries in the bellies)

"Want some mom?" oh wait, none left

so serious

can they stuff their faces any faster?

the evidence

ALL gone!

diligent little worker

and happy to find stragglers on the ground

and then we found the Petting Zoo!

and pony rides