Wedding Madness

If you read this blog you know my brother AND my sister are both engaged right now! Ann & Pat will be married in October 2010 and James & Emily will be married June 2011. I feel pretty lucky to be getting a BIL and SIL soon- both of whom I really like! I've known Em for longer than my brother has :) and Pat is a really great guy who makes my sister really happy. It's fun to be talking wedding plans and looking forward to the festivities!!

They both have wedding websites up...

(and James & Em's... to be launched soon!)

and I am excited to be the Matron of Honor in my baby sister's wedding and a Bridesmaid in Emily's wedding! This is what Ann wrote on her website :)
"Mary is my older sister by eight years. She was an easy pick for my matron of honor because she is my only sister (haha) and she has been my best friend since I stopped stealing her clothes and she started borrowing mine."

I was soooo excited to have a baby in the house when I was 8 years old- and even more excited to be getting a SISTER

I carried her around everywhere with me, woke up early before school to feed her a bottle (which is REALLY big for me considering I used to sleep in my uniform so I could sleep-in for 5 extra minutes) and loved Baby Ann - just like "Edebody" else did!

well... ok, maybe not ALL the time

She was a sassy little kid with a big personality

I came home from college and realized she was a real person now- not a little kid anymore :) I loved being around for her high school years and helping her go off to college. It hasn't felt like she's been 3,000 miles away for the better part of the last 6 years either. No matter where you live Baby Ann I know we'll always be close!

I love you Baby Ann and I am soooo excited for you- thanks for sharing this fun time in your life, even if it's over IM/chat/text/phone/skype/WordsWFriends! and some visits thrown in along the way :) SIX months to go!!