Babies... It's Cold Outside

The weather was so nice the first few days we were here but turned COLD and rainy today... we've been checking out indoor kids places, cafes, doing a little shopping and making the most of the big apple before we head home (I miss my little Doo!)

Maisie ready to hit the town

But fell asleep at our first stop

We went to a little cafe where they have a room for kids to interact with an ecosystem of lights... it was amazing!

It was so cool I had to try it... and might have nudged Maisie enough to wake her up so she could too. You make tree's grow by standing still, then use pillows on the floor to make "water" lights divert to your tree so it flowers and you have to hit the bad bugs away to keep your tree alive. WOW, I want one.

then we bundled up for a little playground time in Tribeca

Can't pull up so well with these mittens on

See ya.

Big girl

clammy hand on cold metal

My Moo

Walking home along the river with Anne and the babies

Skeptical of why we bundle up to walk in this cold

and we found some other cool places to play inside...

having fun seeing the sights in NYC!