Swim Dates

Heather, her mom and cute Crason hosted us at Los Altos Country Club for a swim playdate in the babypool Thursday afternoon!

I showed up with Francie ASLEEP in the bugaboo and Maisie in her carseat... gave me some time to sit in the sun and enjoy a glass of wine before the babies woke up! It didn't take Francie long to wake up from her power-nap and jump right in.

Jasmine and Francie in their matching ruffly bathing suits

bathing beauties

Paige and Wes taking a break for a snack

Icie holding Maisie in the shade (and practicing for her new one due in two months)

Estelle snacking on Red Vines

Thursday night was the 4th anniversary of the day Heff and I met! To celebrate, we walked downtown for dinner with the girls for dinner and gelato. It took us awhile to decide where to eat but we had yummy tapas and then hit up the gelato place. Francie was dressed in a cute outfit for dinner so Heff put his North Face fleece on her to eat her CHOCOLATE (his idea, not mine) gelato. She kept saying "Sansie made a mess on daddy's jacket!" She was so worn out after a big day she fell asleep on her changing table while Heff was putting her PJ's on and cleaning her chocolate face :)