Family BBQ

Friday Night we had a family BBQ and pizza oven party at my parents to celebrate my Dad's birthday (May 24) and Baby Ann's graduation from graduate school at Vanderbilt. The Kreefts and the Beldings came over from Aptos and the cousins all had a great time making fun of each other and taking crazy pictures :) Francie got to be the center of attention when Drew wasn't in the spotlight and Maisie got to meet her Cousins Claire (my goddaughter- home from Freshman year at Boston College!) and Johners (just finished his junior year at SF State) It was a late night on Menlo Oaks!

The Vandy gear was represented by Pat and Johners... and the girls in their little seer-sucker Vandy dresses ABA got them at the college bookstore!

how cute ;)

ABA and Pat on their last night of their visit :( Come back soon please?!

Francie "helping" Jannie prepare pizza toppings

Looks beautiful Jannie! (she acts like it's no big deal to get this all ready, make homemade dough all while the Little Doo is ordering her around and running around the house!)

Cousins Claire, John and Emmy teaching Francie how to dance

Uncle Rich with our neighbors Georgia and Jerry

Francie helped Dad set up an apple to show off his bow shooting skills (he just got back from a bow&arrow course on Skyline) so I dared him to shoot something ;)

Kinda looks like the apple is on her head? How good do you think you are Dad?! (My first idea was to shoot the apple off Uncle Andy's head but Mimi didn't go for it:)

Jannie making sure this is safe ;)

Bullseye? The apple of his eye? (neither really work here.. I was stretching;)

Checking out the target

and good excuse for a group photo! outtakes....

Emmy stealing Ann's man? ;)

Sweet little Maisie


Kreefts with Emmy and Maisie (Connor, Mimi and Claire)

Uncle Jerry takes you 1-2-3 HIGH on the swings!

Snacking on tomatoes

and hanging with Em

Can't get enough and has to drink the juice (ew goss sansie)

Here comes Drew with the ice cream sundae cups! don't ask... (we were experimenting with a 1 sec shutter but still no excuse for the weirdness of this picture)

or these...

a little more normal....

and the whole crowd joins in! (first cousins... the kids of the Arnerich sisters- Jannie, Kaky and Mimi- with a husband/boy/girlfriends and babies)