Auntie Baby Ann & Pat Visit!

Baby Ann and her boyfriend Pat are here for a week to meet Little Miss Maisie and visit after they both graduated from graduate school last week (Ann from her Masters in Education and Pat from Vanderbilt Business School) As ABA said, nothing like working for a week then taking a weeks vacation! They've been hanging out with us, sight-seeing and enjoying the NOT-humid weather. Francie loves ordering her ABA around ;)

Dinner after we picked them up from the airport Sunday night

Francie "helped" dad with the charcoal... what a mess!

bathtime was in order

For Maisie too!

bedtime stories with ABA and Pat

Francie getting IN the chicken coop after a wayward egg... until the chicken's started "eating Sansie's wegs!" = not happy

come on ABA... let's go play.

and after a fun Monday hanging out with Ann & Pat...

Francie helped her Dad with his bow & arrow target practice... without pants on.