Tuesday Playgroup

Tuesday afternoon (Francie's favorite day second only to "Thursday Nastas") we went to our friends Mary Catherine & Darerca's house for playgroup. They had yummy snacks and tea for the moms and kiddies and lots of toys to keep them entertained. All of these moms in our playgroup have been so nice and are still bringing meals over... we are spoiled! The kids have fun together and it's great to see the same group every week. Thanks for hosting MC!

Sansie on the slide

Darerca's turn

Elijah looking for trouble

Mary Catherine helping Darerca and Francie figure out whose pink Croc's are whose

Isaac... all boy with the footballs/soccer balls one minute to happily serving up tea the next!

Katie loved the babies

Wyatt and Maisie... the newest additions

and while we were watching the cute babies in their carseats... these two were kissing over tea cups! Francie has a thing for Isaac ;) He kept shaking his head all crazy and when he'd stop Francie would say "Do it Isaac! Do it!" T-R-O-U-B-L-E.