Playing in Palm Springs with Landry!

We are down in sunny Palm Springs for a week to celebrate Jannie's 60th birthday extravaganza! We left home early (5:20AM) Sunday morning and got to the desert in time to enjoy a sunny afternoon and a little SuperBowl Sunday party. Kelli, Mike and Landry had been down here for a long weekend too so they came over to our house to watch the game and play. Francie and Landry had lots of fun with the outdoor toys we pulled out at the house Jan and John rented, they must have kids! Landry is soo cute and easy going, just like her parents :) We had just arrived to open up and settle in the house and they didn't even mind the half-done chips and snacks we pulled together. It was a fun way to spend SuperBowl Sunday and to kick off a week of relaxing in the sun and toasting Jannie's 60 years!

"Come on in to my house Landry..."

Big Mike and Big Brian watching football on the couch

Kelli and cute Landry

Francie found the sprinklers!

and wasn't going anywhere

they went on at 5pm... not god timing for cocktail hour :)

"What was that?"

"BIG Je-eee" with Kelli, Landry, Jannie and a wet Francie!

Francie is freezing at this point... Landry is the wise one.

Jannie with the girls

Landry is off and running now!

Grandpa popping the champagne... still watching the game.

Sunset in the desert

Landry and Francie going for the dip

We let them finish it off ;)

Cozy in their PJ's rockin out to the tunes

Uncle Jerry LOVES the babies!

They kept busy playing with the Shape Sorter

Francie calls it "ALMOST!" since I guess we always say "Almost in there Francie!"

Thanks for coming over to play long-legs-Landry! (your giraffe PJ's are very fitting for more than just the "Daddy's Girl" ;)