Christmas Continues in Red Bluff

Christmas in Red Bluff starts December 26 and everyone piles in to the Heffernan's for lots of food, fun and cozying up inside. I didn't leave the house for the first two and a half days and when I did it was only to go down to the barn :) my favorite kind of relaxing. The cousins are having a ball- 11 kids under 7 this year! Pretty soon we may have to adopt some ideas from the Duggars with 19 Kids and Counting in one house.

They put on a show singing a few songs as the self proclaimed "Bunkhouse Club"

and did lots and lots of "projects"

in matching striped pants thanks to the Target clearance rack

Oma's house looks very festive and the dinners are soo tasty

The bathtub gets a little tighter every year...

Maisie even joined in... but wasn't all that happy about it

ice cream for dessert after the bath (parents weren't thinking on that one)

cozyed up in PJ's after their bath for a slumber party