The Cook Cousins

Sunday we had my cousin Leslie, her husband Sean and their adorable girls Katelyn and Emma over for a BBQ and to play. Leslie is my second cousin (our moms are first cousins) so I guess that makes the girls third cousins? I'm sure Jannie will correct me on however I am wrong on this one ;) The girls ran around together

We had four delicious ducks from Heff's last hunt... he BBQ'ed them after stuffing with onions and apples and made my Grampa Jim's famous duck sauce.

Leslie trying to run after three girls :)

and masterfully not spilling her wine

Late night playhouse action (ok, not exactly late night with the time change it gets dark so early!)

The ducks- look a little crisp but off the BBQ they were delicious that way

Katelyn and Emma loved Baby Maisie and Katelyn helped feed her dinner

and babysat while we finisihed dinner ;)

We read girls books- Leslie's mom is one of SIX girls (Jannie's cousins) and we've heard stories of lots of late night dinner party girly time over the years...

here is generation number three of the girls!

Making funny faces

and being silly

very silly

ring around the rosey.... good thing these cousins stay up as late as Francie does!

Cousins all around... thanks for coming over Cooks!