The Heffs at Lake Almanor

More fun at the Lake! Mare and Heff with pro-golfer-to-be Spencer Flynn...

Saturday Francie and I went to the beach on the lake with Aunt Kat while Heff and Donald put Oma's new fishing boat in the water to give it a trial run. The smoke on the lake was crazy! There are something like 1,100 fires buring in Northern California and you could see it in the air... a little ash even fell on Francie's head on a walk!

Aunt Kat drinking down a cold Coors Light... Francie pounding some Sweet Potato Puffs

Then we got a little swing-time in at the park on our way back to the cabin

Heff and I snuck away for 9 holes of golf with Spencer and Brendon on Saturday afternoon... the course was jam packed with the damn deer!

Spencer told me when I saw him a the 4th of July party "I'm really good at golf" so I had to see him in action! He kept a very honest score card for himself "I got it in 13 that time!" and we had fun playing a very relaxed game of drinking, I mean golfing :)

Bucks on the Greens! Where is my shotgun? (kidding... kind of)

Wait the hole is the other way? Spencer told me he'd give me $10 from his piggy bank if I hit a deer... sorry Kristie, your son has been hanging out with me for too long!

"Hole in One... I mean Thirteen!"

The heart attack moment of the weekend was right after we took this picture... I put my camera in it's bag into the cart and took Spencer inside to get a soda. When we came out Heff and Brendon were in front of the club and and I jumped in the car with Heff. Only when we got back to the cabin did I realize I FORGOT MY CAMERA! Heff ran back to get it and it was gone. I was freaking out! We went back to the course AGAIN (it was 5 minutes away TG:) and asked everyone and anyone if someone had turned it in. It was looking bleak until finally we found it in a lost and found bin in a maintenance garage. I learned my lesson and will from now on wear my camera in a fanny pack. Always.