Francie's 4th of July ~ Out On the Boat

We had a great long weekend up at Lake Almanor with the Heffernan crowd for Francie's first 4th of July. We drove up Thursday afternoon to Claire and Tom's cabin to meet Katherine, Donald, Mark, Sarah, Jacob, Cathleen, Margaret, Ronan, Tom and Claire. As usual we had lots of good meals, some family games, walks, bike rides and beach fun. Thursday night we were greeting on arrival with a big family meal ready to sit down to on the patio.

Friday morning we went out on a patio boat to try some fishing. Dad researched online to find Francie a "US Coast Guard approved" pink lifevest for the trip. (Safety First... and Second :)

It accentuates her chipmunk cheeks!

Francie snuck in a nap on the boat while Mom and Aunt Kat got some sun and gossip in

Dad hanging out with his wife and baby while Donald commands the boat

Donald and Katherine

Oma takes a break from fishing

The Heffs

Wind blown Doodle

Not a bad way to spend the 4th of July

Back on dry land with Mom and Aunt Kat ready for lunch

With cousin Margaret and a sleeping cousin Ronan

Francie in her bikini playing on the grass after the big boat trip...

"Mom, if I suck in does my buddha belly look smaller?"

Walking with her Oma

Happy First 4th Francie :)