Red, White and Blue Playdate

Wednesday afternoon we went to Aliza's house for a Pre-4th of July playdate... they are all getting so big and learning to "share" toys or at least take them back and forth between each other. I didn't break out the camera until towards the end of the playdate but got some pictures of the over-stay-their-welcome playdate kids, the usual suspects! Thanks for hosting Sarah!

"Why don't we do this everyday mom?"

Looking out the front door with her friend Asher

"Fork over the Cheerios."

Synchronized Eating

Estelle. Not messing around.

Asher making noise

Another slightly dazed and confused look...

Paige without Wesley!

Francie laughing at the silly moms

Cute Claire

Playing outside on the grass

"Here's a story, of a boy named Asher... who had a playdate with three very lovely girls."

At least Aliza thought I was funny

The hosts Sarah and Aliza

Icie and Estelle

The Doo-bug always looking for trouble!