Workin Away Tuesday

Tuesday Heff, Francie and I all worked most of the day at the office. She helped out at Brilliant Babies keeping those kids in line and showing them the ropes (and the balls, trains and books). We had a family lunch date at Su Hongs and Francie loved the Pork Fried Rice (I apologize to the floor under her high chair). I worked on our summer programs and starting a new website, Dad was busy on the phone (at least everytime we went in his office to bug him) and Francie made the rounds between offices and hanging out in BB. The girls took some pictures of her in the new ball-pit...

"What's up?" (flashing the secret BB gang signs)

Eating Cheerios Chubby-Hand over Chubby-Fist

Getting smoothered by her mother

All in a hard day's work

In the morning, before Francie and I went in to my office (if you call 10-11:00am "morning"... I do) I was getting ready (err maybe blogging) and turned on the TV to catch the end of the Today show and the channel the TV was already on was Channel 9 KQED with Sesame Street! (How long do I have before she realizes there is stuff like this on ALL THE TIME and I can't watch the Bachelorette anymore!?) Some little muppets were singing a song on the piano and Francie started jiggling her little bum and cracking up... I had to leave it on for awhile to let her watch it.

Future couch potato in the making?

"Mom... Didn't you know I watch America's Next Top Model marathons with my Auntie Baby Ann ALL THE TIME."