Leaving Paws Up Ranch

Monday we woke up early to get the most of our last day in camp. I was picking out a "morning outfit" (in case you haven't already figured out... she goes through a few outfits everyday) and found some sticks and leaves in the top drawer of the dresser. I had been finding sticks in with her clothes but figured Francie had been throwing things in when the drawers were open and hadn't thought twice. THIS time I realized she couldn't reach the to drawer and looked over at Heff like "Did you put this stuff in here?" He looked over and said... "That's a rat's nest." EWWWW. I HATE rats. Heff investigates, pulls a few drawers out and a PACK RAT jumps out at us!!! I grabbed Francie out of the crib and ran out of the tent. (so much for the "g" in glamping huh!?) Heff tears the cabin apart trying to get this little critter out and all of the staff were in our tent with brooms and boxes trying to round it up and get it out. At one point I saw it sticking it's little nose out from under the bed and to give it some credit, it was an outdoorsy type, squirrely looking thing, not like a sewer rat but still.... EW. SO even though we are late to breakfast and supposed to check out in a few hours I have to wash ALL of Francie's clothes!!

Francie's face after she saw the pack rat!

Naked girl playing in the river while Mom washes every article of clothing she has on the trip :)

Nothing like a naked baby butt sitting in the mud

Look at her cute dirt hand prints on her bum!

Dad splashing with the doodle

A view of our tent from the river

Francie thought this rafting boat was funny going by with a big pirate flag

Francie chilling in her high chair while we pack up the tent (no small task, you saw my bags)

We made it in time for granola pancakes and goat cheese omelets... The camp "butler" took us aside to apologize but said "I probably shouldn't say this, but if this had to happen I'm glad it happened to you guys!" What can you do... we were out in the "wild wilderness" :)

Leaving our little tent behind for the next adventure :)

We stopped back up at the main lodge for lunch on our way out and Francie couldn't believe her luck... Imogen and Jasper were there too!

When the "big kids" aren't even making her laugh anymore... it's time to go :)

"Which direction are we going now??"