Glamping Night Three (Sunday)

We had a delicious dinner Sunday night at River Camp and got to talk to the other families... a nice family from LA with two pre-teenage boys, a couple from Oregon who were in the tent next to us (and said when they arrived they thought "Oh, a baby who will wake us up at night" but when we left said "Oh we love this baby!"), a family from the UK with CUTE little kids, a newleywed couple and some girls on a "girls week out" vacation. The staff were really nice too and made for a memorable trip.

Mom and Francie loving the glamping life

"Jasper" Francie's boyfriend at camp :) This family was from London but living in Massachusetts and were returning visitors to Paws Up. This kid was SO adorable... just imagine that face with a funny four-year-old UK accent!! (think "Charlie bit me!" video!)

Jasper giving Francie LOTS of hugs while big sister (equally adorable with her cute UK accent!) "Imogen" helps Francie stand up

Jasper wanted Francie to wear his cowboy hat:)

He had lots of lovin' for Francie-pants! (Heff was watching closely:)

Our last dinner at River Camp... the food was amazing, so was this peanut butter truffle pie dessert ;)

Francie agrees... she polished off this drumstick (kidding of course, Dad ate most of it:)

Francie loves the big kids! Imogen and Francie

Jasper again... keeping us very entertained!

"Can we bring them home with us Mom?"