Francie Goes Glamping

We're back from our family adventure/vacation in Montana!

Late Thursday night we arrived in Missoula after some turbulence through a wind storm... Francie LOVED looking out the window on Dad's lap at the lights as we landed. And no, we don't travel light :)

We stayed at a hotel in Missoula Thursday night and were up early Friday morning to head to Greenough, Montana to The Resort at Paws Up for our "glamping" portion of the trip. (Glamping? you ask... glamour camping of course!) We drove through downtown Missoula and made a few stops (in our rental F150 pickup truck so we didn't look like complete tourists!) before we arrived at the ranch for lunch. Francie found the horses first

We checked in and found our way here to our "tent"

Now this is "Glamping!"

They had a great little crib with cowboy bedding for Francie "I could get used to this"

The tent before I unpacked. I am a little obsessive about unpacking EVERYTHING as soon as I get anywhere... I love having dressers in tents

Heff got down to business setting up his flies and fly rod for some fishing... the Blackfoot River (where they filmed "A River Runs Through It") was steps away from the deck of our tent

Francie took a nap, I got to play with my new lens and Dad got to fly fish... nobody was complaining.

Friday night there was a camp wide dinner at the main Lodge/restaurant called "Tank and Trough" with a live band and a crazy hatchet throwing guy on the lawn.

Francie made lots of new friends

Sangria and cowboy boots... (Dad took them off, he said she couldn't really walk in them but isn't fashion more important??)

Francie and I watching the music from the deck where we had dinner

Dinner on the lawn

Hanging out back at our tent after dinner (Sunset wasn't until after 9:30pm!)

Francie trying to work her way into my Leatherman case

Dad got to do a little more evening fly fishing

while Francie and I watched from our deck... I think she missed her Dad and was calling him back up :) And yes, they even had a high-chair and "Paws Up" bib in the tent for her!

Then we all went to the campfire at River Camp (where our tents were) and met the other 5 couples/families staying there with us. Francie tried her first S'more

She was a "Wild Banshee" as her dad calls her (yes even before we let her try marshmallows) and the marshmallows I roasted to a perfect golden brown waited too long for their Hersheys and Graham Crackers so my patient husband made me one after Francie fell asleep on me... he took my instructions very well :) YUM!

Whew... that was just the first day! Lots more to blog tomorrow :)